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BERTEIG works with the world’s most ambitious people and companies on the planet, fueling their businesses with faster delivery of higher quality work from a happier workforce.

BERTEIG Consulting is uniquely designed for leaders and company stakeholders who are committed to solving real human and organizational challenges. Through close collaboration, our consulting includes systematic assessments and careful analysis paired with real-world recommendations from Canada’s most respected and experienced Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and LEAN consultants.

Our Mission

Transforming people, process and culture through the power of REALagility.

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The BERTEIG Agile Experience.

BERTEIG consultants deliver results that transform your organization with new thinking, innovations, and strategies rather than simply supporting and enhancing traditional methods. Agile frameworks allow organizations to deliver business value quickly. The benefits of these frameworks are clear: projects are more profitable, easier to deliver, and provide transformational change at the organizational level.

Assessment Track

Real Agility coaches provide a comprehensive set of recommendations after in-depth consultation and evaluation. These recommendations focus on strategies to double the productivity of the organization and achieve enterprise Agility.

Delivery Track

Real Agility coaches support staff teams to boost their creativity, inspire their innovation, improve the quality of results, increase their engagement and advance their productivity using a transformative team development approach.

Management Track

By accompanying a cohort of mid-level managers to learn the techniques, to develop new skills and to apply them directly, experienced Real Agility coaches ensure the organization sustains its progress into the future.

Leadership Track

Real Agility coaches support leadership teams to develop good strategic management skills through systematic culture change to ensure that critical success factors are managed by the people who wield both the authority and influence necessary to succeed.

BERTEIG Consulting Results

Business Results

  • Strategy & Vision
  • Time-to-market
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Project quality
  • Project profitability
  • Market competitiveness

Organizational Happiness

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee Engagement
  • Processes and tools
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Corporate culture

BERTEIG Consultants

Our goal: Help teams become self-sufficient to deliver higher quality products, services and projects faster
Forbes Benning

Forbes Benning Agile Coach and Trainer

Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified SAFe Agilist (Leading SAFe)

Forbes Benning began using Agile methods in 2008 and wonders how he ever lived without it. Now Forbes wants to share that knowledge and experience with other teams.

Forbes has experience consulting, coaching, facilitating and team building in large enterprise settings. With a focus on Agile methods, Forbes is committed to helping transform people, process and culture in organizations.

Forbes Benning has helped projects succeed for 10 years before becoming a PMP in 2005. He then got certified as a ScrumMaster in 2008. Now he is dedicated to sharing this knowledge to help other teams succeed.

Forbes has worked as a ScrumMaster to assist teams in their adoption of Scrum. He has also assisted firms in the financial, gaming and automotive sector with their Agile transformations.

Assistance includes Agile teamwork, Agile project and product management, Agile consulting at the executive level and training.

Forbes has been a long-time volunteer with the PMI-SWOC.  He managed the organization of the regional PMI conference two years in a row in 2009 and 2010.

Experience Summary

Over 21 years helping projects succeed

Over 8 years experience helping teams adopt Scrum and other Agile methods

3 years of experience training teams and organizations on Scrum

Mishkin Berteig

Mishkin Berteig President and Co-Founder

Enterprise Certified Scrum Trainer, SAFe Program Consultant
Leadership Circle Profile Certified, Master of OpenAgile
BSc, University of Saskatchewan Computational Science

Mishkin Berteig has been training, coaching and consulting for organizations adopting Agile since 2001.  Mishkin co-founded Berteig in 2004.  Mishkin is committed to helping individuals, teams and organizations apply Agile to transform their way of working.

Mishkin has assisted organizations of all sizes to make the transformation from traditional methods to Agile methods (Extreme Programming, Scrum, Lean, OpenAgile®).  Assistance includes Agile culture change, Agile change management, executive management coaching, Agile management, Agile product, project and operations management, Agile teamwork and Agile engineering practices.

Mishkin has developed and delivered Agile training both in public and in-house seminars for over 5,000 people in Canada and abroad.  Courses have been as short as three-hour intro-style and as long as five-day boot-camp-style, and audiences have ranged from junior team members to senior executives.  Mishkin has been a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) since 2005.

Mishkin maintains a popular blog, Agile Advice, with hundreds of articles about agile methods.

Experience Summary

  • Over 20 years practising, managing and coaching Agile Process and Development
  • Over 11 years experience teaching Scrum (and Agile) in a classroom
  • Over 8 years experience applying Agile outside of technology environments



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Support independent publishing: Buy the Agile Advice e-book on Lulu.
…or from the iBookStore!
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Leadership Agility – Luck, Love and Truthfulness” – 20181011 – Agile North Meetup

Agile Architecture Master Class” – 20180515 – Private Client

Scrum vs. Kanban vs. ADKAR vs. Kotter – Which Is Best For You?” – 20171031 – Global Scrum Gathering Dublin

Real Agility for Everyone” – 20170921 – Private Client

Doubling Productivity with Real Agility” – 20170613 – Project Management Institute SWO Chapter

Launching Agile Teams – The Skills Matrix” – 20161114 – Toronto Agile Conference

Travis Birch

Travis Birch Partner

Accredited Kanban Trainer, Kanban Management Professional, SAFe Program Consultant
Certified Scrum Professional, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner
Certified Agile Leader, Master of OpenAgile

Travis Birch has extensive experience in consulting, coaching and facilitation in organizational transformation and team building methods since 2008, with a focus on Agile methods. Travis has worked with executive leaders, managers, staff and other consultants to move them towards higher levels of Real Agility. This includes organizational consulting, transformational change management, culture change, overcoming resistance to change, all while focused on great business results and creating a great work environment.

Travis has aided numerous teams to help them get through the four stages of team development to reach a high-performance level. One team improved so much that it went from being shunned by stakeholders to winning a government-wide award for project delivery excellence.

Prior to consulting, Travis was involved in numerous community development and volunteer efforts while working as a professional ballet performer. Travis is highly committed to helping transform people, process and culture in organizations. Travis brings patience, integrity and sensitivity to others as personal qualities to his work with organizations.

Travis is a regular contributor to the widely-read blog, Agile Advice.

Certified Scrum Professional, Accredited Kanban Trainer, and a certified SAFe Program Consultant.

Experience Summary

  • Over 16 years experience in community and organizational development
  • Over 8 years experience assisting organizations to achieve the benefits of Agile
  • Over 6 years experience with large-scale Agile adoptions
Jerry Doucett

Jerry Doucett Senior Consultant

SAFe® Program Consultant, Project Management Professional
Scrum Alliance® Registered Education Provider, Certified Scrum Professional
Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Certified Scrum Developer
Kanban Management Professional, Prosci ADKAR® Change Management Professional
B.A.A, HONS, Applied Geography, Economics Minor, Ryerson University

Jerry Doucett is an Agile transformation advisor with over 25 years of hands-on experience in software and process development initiatives. Jerry has proudly served on numerous enterprise transformations by focusing support on four key success pillars: cultivating in-house expertise on Lean and Agile practices, defining enterprise transformation strategies, building and delivering coaching and training programs, and developing effective relationships between business and IT.

Since 2010 Jerry has been supporting Agile transformation strategies. On numerous occasions, he has served as an integral coach, mentor, advisor and team member on several enterprise transformation leadership teams including two companies with over 50,000 employees.

Jerry has developed and delivered Agile training for over 1,600 people in Canada and abroad.  His tailored materials include everything from introductions to advanced topics by role and are for audiences from junior team members to senior executives at multinational corporations.

Experience Summary

  • Over 25 years in software and process development initiatives
  • Over 15 years of applying project management practices
  • Over 9 years assisting organizations to leverage Agile and Lean approaches
  • Over 7 years assisting enterprise Agile transformations


2018 – The Scrum Master Guide to Choosing Retrospective Techniques

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Pedram Malek

Pedram Malek Technical Consultant

BSc. in Computer Sciences
Certified Scrum Developer
Certified Scrum Master
Certified Product Owner
Kanban Management Professional

Pedram holds a BSc. in Computer Sciences and has been developing software for over 10 years in a variety of industries and learning to apply Agile principles. Pedram trains and coaches Agile teams to strive for technical excellence using Agile practices to deliver high quality software. Pedram helps teams build technologies that focus on customer’s needs and are responsive to market conditions.

Pedram directs the development of BERTEIG’s core technology that supports our vision and strategy.  When he is not training or coaching you can probably find him designing and building software using the Mongo Express ReactJS Node.js (MERN) framework.  Pedram joined BERTEIG in February 2017.

James Steele

James Steele Senior Consultant

Accredited Kanban Trainer®, Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclass® (KCP) Graduate,
Kanban Management Professional® (KMP), Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP),
Certified Scrum Practitioner, Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM), Senior Consultant at Berteig

James is a seasoned Entrepreneur and Management Consultant with over two decades of information technology and business operations experience in the public and private sectors. James is recognized for his ability to work with organizations in helping them attain their objectives using incremental, evolutionary process, and systems change methods.

His exceptional business acumen and experience have been continuously called upon by companies looking to improve their business and build enterprise software systems. He has a proven track record for successfully managing and coaching teams that deliver enterprise software systems using Agile principles, the Kanban Method, and the Scrum Framework

James is passionate about working with leaders and teams to help them foster a mindset of continuous improvement that is founded upon values of integrity, trust, and respect.

James holds the prestigious Accredited Kanban Trainer designation from Lean Kanban University.

Experience Summary

  • Over 20 years experience working with managers in organizational development
  • Over 7 years in the executive-level position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Over 3 years working as a mentor assisting organizations achieve the benefits of Agile
David Vicentin

David Vicentin VP of Consulting Services

David is a Lean Six-Sigma Master Black Belt and process consultant with experience growing consulting businesses. David joined BERTEIG in July of 2017.

David Vicentin has delivered Operational Excellence and Agile implementation for the past 15 years as a management consultant.  His clients come from diverse industries in North America, South America and Europe.

Working at different organizational levels from operatives to senior management, his focus is to achieve sustainably higher results.  David has trained, mentored and coached thousands of people for many businesses, with a focus on increasing personal performance for coaches and improving their business environment, overall.

As an Industrial Engineer, Master in Economics and Finance and Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, his ability to evolve people results in service delivery which increases value, reduces cost and improves both quality and productivity for his clients.

Facilitator of more than 250 projects using DMAIC, DMADV, RCA, Kaizen, FMEA and SCRUM, he focuses on cost reduction, quality and productivity improvements, cash flow improvement and customer satisfaction.

High profile clients include Volkswagen, Saint Gobain, Nortel Networks, Sherwin Williams, Coca-Cola, SITA, HSBC and Rolls Royce.  David has lead projects and workshops in materials/logistics, manufacturing, purchases, finance, sales, R&D and information technology areas.

Experience Summary

Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, and Trainer at all organizational levels.

Over 15 years’ experience in design and delivery training Lean Six Sigma and Agile Methods.

David coordinates and leads projects in many countries.

Specialist in Productivity Techniques, Management Systems and, Finance focused to increase business results.

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VP of Consulting Services
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