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This 3-day course provides advanced techniques for the Scrum Master. Achieve Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® designation with Scrum Alliance® by successfully completing this course and the prerequisites. BERTEIG is also a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute.

Praise for BERTEIG
Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® (A-CSM) Training

Best Class, lots of new learning, helped in moving my career to next level.

Scrum Master, October 2017

I now have the tools to move forward in implementing enterprise level SCRUM and move to the next level as a SCRUM Master.

Scrum Master , October 2017

A very necessary next step in the CSM career path. I wish this course was on the market a year ago.

Scrum Master , October 2017

I found the course to be greatly insightful as it helped me see how much an organization needs to change its culture...

Senior Program Manager , July 2017

Although coming off nearly 30 years of PMI and Waterfall and feeling discomfort the first day it started to abate by end of day 2. I can use Scrum and improve projects run by my team IF I get management commitment.

Program Manager , July 2017

The organization has an excellent method for training.

Program Manager , July 2017

You learn, you have fun and you don't know where the time goes - thank you!

Project Manager , July 2017

What a great learning experience - comfortable, informative and interactive. Great trainers. I would recommend BERTEIG for any training that they have available.

Consultant, July 2017

This course helped drive the direction of our company as an agile environment.

Senior Software Developer , July 2017

The best training I've attended! Great instructors, in depth material. Highly recommended for any individual looking for career development.

Security Remediation Analyst , July 2017

---- better than Ted Talks and pod casts!

Business Analyst, July 2017

Very knowledgeable coach. I valued M----'s analogies and real world examples..

Delivery Lead, July 2017

Learned a lot of eye opening things about scrum. Many myths got busted.

Associate Project Manager , July 2017

Wonderful course that was engaging, fun, and informative. Instructor used effective techniques and examples to help facilitate learning and understanding and used engaging exercises to help us retain the information learned. Highly recommend!

Project Control Officer, July 2017

The course (gave) a wealth of practical information and insight that we can apply directly to our team situation as well as...how to optimize our processes in the future.

COO, June 2017

...a fantastic instructor. No bull, no fluff. Knows his stuff and isn't trying to sell, just educate.

Developer , June 2017

Incredibly rich in terms of introducing new concepts and approaches to achieving complex work completion.

Senior Technology Infrastructure Analyst , June 2017

This course was an eye-opening experience which allowed me to really understand the Agile Framework...

Program Director , June 2017

I loved this course - the coaching methodology was awesome! I definitely recommend this course to anyone even with zero scrum practice.

Lead Developer , June 2017

The instructors are experienced agile practitioners, and they provided invaluable advice on real life challenges scrum masters often encounter.

Scrum Master , June 2017

...even though (Scrum) may not be used right away in my work, it provided me with good ideas to start seeding the Agile practice.

Senior Software Developer, June 2017

appreciated Mishkin's and Jerry's great energy and enthusiasm for Scrum...It encouraged me to actually get rid of the fear of scrum transformation.

Project Manager, June 2017

With the great techniques learned...I feel confident of helping my team to become the most high performance team ever.

Software Engineer, June 2017

This is the most interesting and helpful training I have ever attended..

Scrum Master, May 2017

Great course. I liked every single event and practice. The trainer is excellent and so passionate about what he is teaching. Thank you for the good experience.

Team Lead , May 2017

After hearing multiple times about agile methodology from everyone, I attended this class and received valuable answers to all the doubts that I had regarding scrum. Now I'm confident of being of value to my company and myself.

Business Analyst, May 2017

I would recommend this course to any one/company that is interested in agility and the use of scrum as a methodology.

Scrum Master, May 2017

Excellent courseware, time bound and exceeded expectations.

Product Owner , May 2017

Great interactive training covering the whole scrum framework! Loved it.

Senior Product Manager, May 2017

Great framework for leveraging the power of teams and skills.

Change Management , May 2017

This course gave a perspective to do a fresh start with my company.

Scrum Master , May 2017

For anyone working in a software development environment this course is highly recommended. It's amazing to understand the value a Scrum Master brings as opposed to a PM in this environment.

Project Manager , May 2017

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • Support your organization to create the environment for high-performance product delivery.
  • Facilitate effective Scrum meetings.
  • Apply additional techniques from Lean and other Agile frameworks.
  • Advanced application of retrospectives.
  • Fulfill the requirements of the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® program.


  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Lean Agile Scrum
  3. Agile Facilitation
  4. Agile Coaching
  5. Service to the Development Team
    1. Self-Organization
    2. Team Dynamics
    3. Definition of Done
    4. Value of Engineering Practices
  6. Service to the Product Owner
  7. Service to the Organization
  8. Scrum Mastery
  9. Graduation
    • What Did You Learn?
    • Certification
    • Feedback Forms


  • You must have your CSM and CSPO, at least one of them with BERTEIG. You must also have attended Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) training (this can be taken after the A-CSM)
  • Read: “Agile Retrospectives” by Esther Derby and “More Fearless Change” by Manns and Rising.
  • Provide a written submission that demonstrates that the reading was complete (e.g. an experience report using the techniques, an analysis of the techniques’ suitability for your team, etc.)
  • Read: Chapter “Becoming a Professional Software Developer” in “Agile Advice” by Mishkin Berteig (eBook)
  • Obtain and bring to class a letter from your supervisor attesting to 1+ year of Scrum Master experience

About Your Instructors

Mishkin Berteig

Mishkin Berteig President and Co-Founder

Canada's Best Known & Longest-Standing Certified Scrum Trainer®
Mishkin Berteig leads, mentors, trains and coaches teams and organizations, managers and executives. Mishkin helps organizations become more effective by using methods such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), OpenAgile® and Lean. These methods present the best balance between chaos and bureaucracy; they allow human creativity and problem-solving to flourish in the service of tangible corporate and organizational goals.

Mishkin has over 20 years of professional experience with Agile methods. Mishkin publishes articles and thoughts about agile on Agile Advice. Mishkin has trained people from Canada, the United States, India, China, the Middle East and Europe. Mishkin Berteig is President and co-founder of BERTEIG.

Mishkin Berteig has been training, coaching and consulting for organizations adopting Agile since 2001.  Mishkin co-founded Berteig in 2004.  Mishkin is committed to helping individuals, teams and organizations apply Agile to transform their way of working.

Mishkin has assisted organizations of all sizes to make the transformation from traditional methods to Agile methods (Extreme Programming, Scrum, Lean, OpenAgile®).  Assistance includes Agile culture change, Agile change management, executive management coaching, Agile management, Agile product, project and operations management, Agile teamwork and Agile engineering practices.

Mishkin has developed and delivered Agile training both in public and in-house seminars for over 5,000 people in Canada and abroad.  Courses have been as short as three-hour intro-style and as long as five-day boot-camp-style, and audiences have ranged from junior team members to senior executives.  Mishkin has been a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) since 2005.

Mishkin maintains a popular blog, Agile Advice, with hundreds of articles about agile methods.

Experience Summary

  • Over 20 years practising, managing and coaching Agile Process and Development
  • Over 11 years experience teaching Scrum (and Agile) in a classroom
  • Over 8 years experience applying Agile outside of technology environments
Jerry Doucett

Jerry Doucett Senior Consultant

Jerry Doucett is an Agile transformation advisor with over 25 years of hands-on experience in software and process development initiatives.  Jerry has proudly served on numerous enterprise transformations by focusing support on four key success pillars: cultivating in-house expertise on Lean and Agile practices, defining enterprise transformation strategies, building and delivering coaching and training programs, and developing effective relationships between business and IT.

Jerry Doucett is an Agile transformation advisor with over 25 years of hands-on experience in software and process development initiatives. Jerry has proudly served on numerous enterprise transformations by focusing support on four key success pillars: cultivating in-house expertise on Lean and Agile practices, defining enterprise transformation strategies, building and delivering coaching and training programs, and developing effective relationships between business and IT.

Since 2010 Jerry has been supporting Agile transformation strategies. On numerous occasions, he has served as an integral coach, mentor, advisor and team member on several enterprise transformation leadership teams including two companies with over 50,000 employees.

Jerry has developed and delivered Agile training for over 1,600 people in Canada and abroad.  His tailored materials include everything from introductions to advanced topics by role and are for audiences from junior team members to senior executives at multinational corporations.

Experience Summary

  • Over 25 years in software and process development initiatives
  • Over 15 years of applying project management practices
  • Over 9 years assisting organizations to leverage Agile and Lean approaches
  • Over 7 years assisting enterprise Agile transformations
David Sabine

David Sabine Senior Consultant

Scrum Trainer, Product Developer, Dad, Musician, TEDx Speaker
David Sabine has more than 15 years' "in-the-trenches" experience using methods like Scrum, Rapid Application Development, OpenAgile®, Kanban, Lean Startup, and Extreme Programming.

David helps organizations disassemble bureaucracy and decentralize decision-making so talented staff can deliver greater value to their customers and users. He works with people to help them discover the balance among vision, direction and execution.

David's career highlights the intersections of business, technology, education and innovation. David joined the BERTEIG team in 2015 and has quickly become one of Canada's most sought-after Scrum Trainers.

David’s professional career highlights the intersections of business, technology, media and education.

David is a seasoned Agile practitioner, guest lecturer at Ivey School of Business, a TEDx speaker, and an experienced product developer.  He has significant in-the-trenches experience using Agile methods with product development teams and service groups – including Scrum, Kanban, LeanUX, and OpenAgile.

David provides expertise and practical recommendations across the spectrum of an organization, from business leaders and teams to market.

David is committed to helping transform people, process and culture in organizations.  David joined BERTEIG in 2015 and is a contributor to our Scrum Team Assessment product.

Experience Summary

  • Over 9 years using Scrum and other Agile methods with teams.
  • Over 22 years developing software.
  • David regularly delivers BERTEIG Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses as well as foundational training seminars related to Kanban, OpenAgile, and Lean methods.


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Additional Benefits


All attendees receive as many decks of Estimation Cards as they want! You’re guaranteed at least 1 deck but the instructor often brings extra. Each deck includes four sets, therefore most Scrum teams need 2 or 3 decks. If you know you would like extra decks, please let us know before the training starts to ensure we bring enough.


All attendees receive a free electronic copy of Mishkin Berteig’s book “Agile Advice”. This book is a collection of the best articles from the AgileAdvice blog with additional commentary, updates, and three exclusive articles written just for the book.


All attendees also receive a book ordered from Amazon.ca and delivered to your home from our list of recommended reading.  You will choose a book at the end of the course.  These books are a complimentary gift from BERTEIG because we encourage continuous learning!


All attendees also receive a complimentary spiral-bound notebook with lined paper and zipper pocket to take notes during the class and to record your Agile learning journey beyond the classroom.

Common Questions

  1. Q: Prices are in what currency?
    A: Canadian dollars. 
  2. Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
    A: Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We do not invoice for training. Under special circumstances we can also accept wire transfers, personal cheques, cash, PayPal and purchase orders. Please contact accounting@berteig.com for special payment arrangements.
  3. Q: I need to cancel my place due to… what do I do about it?
    A: If your request to cancel is made ten (10) business days prior to the Learning Event, then you will be issued a refund and your spot will be made available for someone else. Please contact accounting@berteig.com with the order number you wish to have refunded. Within ten (10) business days, no refund is possible for any reason, but we will offer you a spot in a future class at 50% of the normal list price (no other discounts will apply). In the rare case of family or medical emergencies, please contact sales@berteig.com as soon as you can and we will work with you to find a suitable solution.
  4. Q: I need to change the course date I am registered for due to… what do I do about it?
    A: As with cancellation, if your request to change dates is made ten (10) business days prior to the Learning Event, then you can be moved. Please contact sales@berteig.com with your name, current course date and requested new course date.Within ten (10) business days, no changes are possible for any reason, but we will offer you a spot in another class at 50% of the normal list price (no other discounts will apply). In the rare case of family or medical emergencies, please contact us as soon as you can and we will work with you to find a suitable solution.
  5. Q: Can I send someone else in my place?
    A: Yes. You are welcome to change the registration information for a spot at a Learning Event at any time. Please contact sales@berteig.com with the details including your own registration information and the full name, email address and phone number of the person who will attend in your place. There is no charge for such a change.
  6. Q: I found “the same” course for less… will you give me a discount?
    A: No. You have registered for a premier learning event, not a clone of some other course.
  7. Q: Do you ever offer discounts?
    A: Yes. Everyone who attends one of our Learning Event is given a discount code to use on other courses or to pass along to coworkers, associates, family and friends. Also, if you belong to an organization that sends more than 5 people to our training courses, you may be eligible for our Loyalty Program. The more people attending our training, the higher the discount available. Please contact us at sales@berteig.com to find out more.
    Also, we offer “Early Bird” discounts on some Learning Events. We encourage you to register early to take advantage of this offer.
  8. Q: What if I register, then later discover a Loyalty Program discount was applicable. Can I get the discount applied retroactively?
    A: Yes, you can. Please contact accounting@berteig.com with your order number for which you would like the discount applied and your Loyalty Program coupon code.
  9. Q: Is your training tax deductible and can I get a T2202A slip?
    A: No, our training is not eligible for tax deductions. We do not give T2202A slips. T2202A slips are usually issued from Post Secondary Education Institutions like a college or university. We are not such an institution. Purchasing our training is more like purchasing a book or a ticket to an event.
  1. Q: How do I get ScrumMaster Certification (CSM)?
    A: The Scrum Alliance organizes this certification. Full details can be found at http://www.scrumalliance.org/pages/CSM. We offer the training component of the Certified ScrumMaster program in both our public Learning Events as well as an option for in-house Learning Events.
  2. Q: What is included in the ScrumMaster Certification (CSM)?
    A: The Certified ScrumMaster training that we offer includes all the materials that are needed to complete the training part of the certification (part 1/2). There is no extra fee for the online test (part 2/2), it is included in your registration with us. Once you have completed the training, you will receive an email within 1 week to complete the remaining step to get your certification. Full instructions will be provided in class, but don’t worry, the test is easy! If you want to study, please consider reading the Scrum Guide.
  3. Q: How do I get Product Owner Certification (CSPO)?
    A: The Scrum Alliance organizes this certification. Full details can be found at http://www.scrumalliance.org/pages/certified_scrum_product_owner. We offer the training component of the Certified Scrum Product Owner program in our public Learning Events. Currently, there is no test component to this certification.
  4. Q: How do I get SAFe® Scaled Agilist Certification (SA – from Scaled Agile)?
    A: The Scaled Agile organization coordinates this certification. BERTEIG is a Silver Partner and we are licensed to offer the training component (called ‘Leading SAFe®‘) in both our public Learning Events as well as an option for in-house Learning Events. Full details can be found at Leading SAFe®.
  5. Q: Where can I find more information about SAFe® training and certification?
    A: The best source of information is always directly from Scaled Agile at http://www.scaledagile.com/. BERTEIG also maintains our own SAFe® FAQ page at http://www.worldmindware.com/FAQ_SAFe.
  6. Q: How do I get Team Member Certification (OATM)?
    A: The OpenAgile Learning Center organizes this certification. Full details can be found at http://www.openagile.com/TeamMember. We offer the training component of the OpenAgile Team Member program in both our public Learning Events and as an option for in-house Learning Events.
  7. Q: How do I get Agile Project Manager Certification (PMI-ACP)?
    A: The Project Management Institute organizes this certification. Full details can be found at http://www.pmi.org/en/Certification/New-PMI-Agile-Certification.aspx. We offer the training component of this certification either through a combination of two two-day courses or through a single three-day course. This is also available in-house.
  8. Q: How do I get Kanban Certification?
    A: The Lean Kanban University organizes this certification. Full details can be found at http://edu.leankanban.com/. We offer the training component of this certification. This is also available in-house.
  9. Q: I would like to get my PMI PDUs for CSM or CSPO. How do I do this?
    A: Berteig Consulting is a registered education provider (REP) for the CSM and CSPO training courses, please visit the PMI CCRS website where you can choose BERTEIG as the REP and collect the appropriate PDUs: Category A PDUs.
  10. Q: I would like to get my PMI PDUs for other BERTEIG Agile training (not CSM or CSPO). How do I do this?
    A: If you have completed a Learning Event with us that has appropriate content, you should have received a letter of attendance at the end of the event or in your participant’s folder. Please contact your instructor if you failed to obtain a letter confirming your attendance. You will then need to retain this letter for the PMI in case you are audited. Obtaining the PDUs is your responsibility after we have issued the letter to you. Here is a brief reference on this topic: Category B PDUs.
  1. Q: What if I’m shy and don’t like interacting with people?
    A: Our Learning Events are highly interactive… and we make them safe and comfortable for even the most shy people! Our facilitators are experts in creating an environment where everyone is encouraged to participate without forcing you to do things or say things that might be uncomfortable. This is not like school. This is not like a university lecture. This is not like a high-pressure business meeting.
  2. Q: What if I’m just coming to get a certification?
    A: Okay! We know lots of people who have come to our Learning Events in the past, walked out with a valuable certification, and told us in no uncertain terms that it was the best “course” they had ever attended, they learned far more than they expected, and they are excited to apply what they have learned as soon as possible. But sure, you can attend just for the certification!
  3. Q: What do I need to bring with me?
    A: For most learning events you do not need to bring anything. During the Learning Event session, you will be asked to keep electronic devices out of the learning environment. You are welcome to bring your own notebook for note-taking but we provide materials for this as well. Check the description of your Learning Event to see if there are any special requirements.
  4. Q: Do you provide food?
    A: We normally provide coffee, tea, and light snacks in the morning and afternoon of a Learning Event. Lunch is not usually provided.
  5. Q: Why don’t you provide printed books of your slides?
    A: First of all, we usually don’t have many slides (if any!) in most of our Learning Events – instead we have a moderate number of handouts. The only exceptions are typically the SAFe training classes where we are a delivery partner and the materials come directly from Scaled Agile – in those classes there are typically a lot of slides and printed books. Secondly, printing heavy books uses a lot of paper and energy for something that most people don’t ever refer back to after their “course” is finished. Third, you will learn better by taking your own notes (and we provide a simple structured way to do this)!
    For our own classes (not the Scaled Agile classes), handouts will be provided in electronic form following the class via file sharing system.
  6. Q: When does my Learning Event start and finish?
    A: Normally our Learning Events start at 8:30 sharp and end by 5:00pm. Some Learning Events may have other schedules. Please read the page about your particular Learning Event to know exactly what time it starts and ends.
  7. Q: Do you offer your Learning Events as private in-house sessions?
    A: Yes. Please contact sales@berteig.com for more information and to receive a quote. Typically in-house sessions are scheduled six or more weeks after a contract has been signed – please ask for a quote as soon as possible if you think your need is urgent! We can also create custom Learning Events for an additional fee. We even do train-the-trainer programs for larger organizations who wish to leverage in-house staff. Generally, we avoid doing the CSM and CSPO Learning Events in-house and encourage you to come with your group to a public session.
  8. Q: What if I have an emergency and have to leave for some/part/most of the class?
    A: Depends on the emergency. If it is a medical emergency for yourself or a family member, we will work with you to either re-schedule or refund your money depending on circumstances. We don’t have a fixed policy about this. For work related emergencies, we will not issue a refund, but will offer a spot to you at a future course at a 50% discount rate.
  1. Q: Does BERTEIG partner with others to advertise and deliver training?
    A: Yes. We partner with training resellers who can reach different people than we can. If you have a question about our resellers or if you are interested in establishing a partnership relationship please contact sales@berteig.com.
  2. Q: I am a trainer myself. Can I list my courses on this website?
    A: No. This is one type of partnership that we are considering but have not yet established. If you are interested in this type of partnership, please contact sales@berteig.com.