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Travis Birch - Agile CoachingBerteig offers Agile coaching for teams and leaders.  Agile coaching starts with an open agenda based on client needs. Berteig Agile coaches offer support, encouragement and deep problem solving!

Hands-on Agile coaching support is necessary to successfully adopt Agile methods.  This support helps you to apply what you have learned in your Agile reading or Agile training courses. Alongside an expert Agile coach, your teams and leaders will work through adopting Agile processes in their normal environments. Berteig Agile coaches work with your team in its unique environment to improve your team’s productivity, work quality and morale.

The Real Agility Execution, Leadership and Accompaniment tracks offer the next level of Agile coaching support.  These tracks are a system to develop experienced, high-performance teams, leaders and managers. Through the Real Agility coaching program, individuals in your business will learn to guide and sustain an Agile adoption to a high-performance state using the best Agile methods and tools. Protect yourself from going back to traditional low-performance methods, and ensure long-term culture change.

What is Agile Coaching?

Agile Coaching - Garry BerteigThink of an athletic coach.  An athletic coach does not simply ask the athlete questions and help them bring out their own solutions to problems.  An athletic coach helps point out problems, makes very definite suggestions, and sometimes even intervenes physically to help the athlete do the right thing.  So what is Agile coaching?

An Agile coach has a formal agreement for working with the person or team being coached.  The person being coached has a goal to achieve.  It can be long term or short term, but it is specific.  The Agile coach is there to help that person meet their goal.

Here are some of the ways that Agile coaching can happen:

  • The Socratic Coach – asks lots of probing questions, sometimes called “powerful questions”.
  • The Hands-On Coach – shows people a way to solve a problem, but leaves it to the person to mimic or do something else.
  • The Intervention Coach – mostly observes and at key moments intervenes to help a person choose a specific path of action.
  • The Guiding Coach – provides constant reminders to help a person keep within a path of action (guide rails).
  • The Empowering Coach – supports, encourages and works with people to help them have the confidence to take action.

Berteig coaches are experienced in using all the approaches of Agile coaching and have the knowledge and experience to make a real difference in the speed, quality and depth of your Agile adoption.

Agile Coaching Options – Real Agility Execution, Accompaniment and Leadership Tracks

Agile Coaching for Delivery Teams - the Real Agility Execution TrackAgile Coaching for Delivery Teams: Real Agility Execution Track.

Help launch Agile delivery teams with effective on-the-job coaching support.  Would you let a professional sports team go into a season without a coach?  Provide your staff with best-in-class systematic support.  The Execution Track provides clear, customized steps for your teams to follow with the support of an expert Agile coach.  One coach can support up to four Agile delivery teams simultaneously.


Agile Coaching - Real Agility Accompaniment Track for ManagersAgile Coaching for your functional and line managers: Real Agility Accompaniment Track.

Managers play a key role in taking over from outside consultants and coaches.  Functional and line managers become internal coaches for Agile delivery teams to sustain the transformation to Enterprise Agility.  The Accompaniment track allows your managers to learn side-by-side with our coaches through a systematic program.  One of our coaches can support up to fifteen managers learning Real Agility.


Agile Coaching - Real Agility Leadership TrackAgile Coaching for you and your Leadership Team: Real Agility Leadership Track.

Executives, Directors, Board Members and other Leaders of an Agile Enterprise drive cultural and strategic change. The Leadership Track helps you to ensure that your transformation to an Agile Enterprise is as smooth and quick and permanent as possible.  Typically, one of our Agile coaches works with the members of a leadership team one-on-one for an hour or two every month.


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