BERTEIG Training Loyalty Program

2017 BERTEIG Training Loyalty Program Details

Their are four levels to our loyalty program.  The benefits of the levels are described above.  In order to qualify for the higher levels of the programs a certain number of “points” need to be earned by an organization.

Points are calculated by tracking all the public and in-house training a client has received from BERTEIG / WorldMindware in the past year (2016) and using the following formula:

Total Points =
# people attending in-house training x # days of in-house training
2 x (# people attending public training x # days of public training)
# of Real Agility Delivery Tracks x 40
# of Real Agility Management Tracks x 90<
# of Real Agility Leadership Tracks x 160

For example, an organization that sends 10 people to a Certified ScrumMaster training receives 2 x (10 x 2) = 40 points.

To enroll in our loyalty program, please email

* This is the required number of contacts who will be updated on a monthly basis regarding the organization’s membership in the loyalty program including cumulative and current year’s points, reminder of upcoming training and other program benefits as they are introduced.

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