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We co-create sustainable, high-performance organizations where continuous improvement is deeply embedded in the culture. We believe truthfulness is the foundation of improvement, and love is the strongest driver of change.

Berteig Services
Real Agility Program

The Real Agility Program is a powerful approach for enterprise adoption of Agile methods. We help your teams reach the ultimate high-performance state.

World Mindware Training

Public and in-house training to help you transform your organization's people, processes and culture. Scrum, Kanban, OpenAgile, and executive training.

Free Scrum Insight

Our ScrumInsight "coach-in-a-box" expert system provides customized advice for your Scrum team. Replaces all basic Scrum coaching advice!

Our Consultants
Berteig Consulting and Training
Mishkin Berteig

"Mishkin has personally helped me get my company off the ground, and within a one-hour initial meeting transformed my way of working."

Berteig Consulting and Training
Travis Birch

"Great Agile Coach. His insight into Agile Methodologies inspired the team and brought everyone towards a single purpose."

Berteig Consulting and Training
David Sabine

"Thanks for conducting this assessment quickly and professionally. You have been able to understand my needs and to help make sure this project is a success"

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